Free musical score: 2:45 of Blade Runner type stuff.

I recorded this for a guy who needed a score for his movie, but it turned out too dark/futuristic for his western. Bastard.

Anyhow. This is my start into doing movie/score stuff. Give it a listen. If you’d like to use it on your movie, let me know. Not restrictions, put it on a CD and sell it at Yanni shows if you want. I had fun doing it and wonder if you guys need music for your movies? I’d love to mess around with scoring a real film, as opposed to just throwing some crap together.

very cool! love it now if i only had a use for it! :wink:

Yeah. Welcome to my world. Wish I’d actually made a 3d movie by now… something dark and futuristic, or hell, I’d settle for a toy wagon moving across a desk next to a pendulum and a glass of water.

May I ask what program you used to put this together? I really like it…although I have no use right now :expressionless: I wish I did, I havn’t gotten into much animation though, because of the rendertimes. It makes me wonder how the people who made films like ‘finding nemo’ or ‘monsters inc’ rendered their scenes…they would have to have super computers…lol.

No program. I actually played all the parts. On an keyboard. Not computer keyboard, but, you know - musical electronic piano keyboard thing. And recorded it using a multi-track recorder, mixed it down, converted to mp3 and poof.

Took one hour.

Thats awesome, makes me want to go buy a keyboard, if I had the money. But then I think about how much I would probably suck :expressionless: Reality can really bite you on the ars sometimes :-?

A very popular machine is the AMD 64 3400 with it’s 1GB cache and 1600MHz FSB. Ram i always very fast and well into the several gig. GPUs are the most elite and are extrememly fast at rendering (but ironically bad at gaming!) and are usually 512Mb cards.

They render the movie in clips ro scenes. If you have ever noticed that in movies the camera moves behind a pillar or obstacle - this is on purpose. This is where the scenes are fused together. So they render small (minute or so) scenes which still take days to do and then save the file and with normal video editing software they join the sounds and videos together to create a seemless film. If they tried rendering Nemo in a complete form it would take months!! :wink:

But I thought that’s how they do it in the big leagues. You’re saying that they patch it all together? Dang. What a let down.

But I thought that’s how they do it in the big leagues. You’re saying that they patch it all together? Dang. What a let down.[/quote]

I already knew they rendered in clips. They have different artists who work on individual scenes of the animation, and then they put them all together. But even then, some of those few minute scenes can be intense when it comes to special fx and stuff…I mean, each frame would have to take hours to render, lol.

Well considering that it took about 12 hours to render 1/24 of a second in finding nemo, they would almost have to render it in sections.

Btw I’m not positive on that render time, but I know it was pretty close to that.

movie frames per second are generally around 30 and it doesn’t take 12 hours like you said - those high end graphic cards (that cost thousands themselves) can output images fairly quickly! I have heard that with ten GPUs networked together it can take as little as 1 hour to complete a rather complicated 2000x2000 plus resolution frame multiply that times 30 and then multiply that times 60 and you have about 2 weeks to one minute - but with the big budget films like nemo they can afford to have around 10 networks rendering scenes at the same time cutting the time in fractions!

Also they use other common media editing tricks like green screens where they can render a high detailed scenery on one network then render a high detail model on another and in the fraction of the time it would take to put both together they can superimpose the one over the other to make it faster - it is like some create huge images then scale them down to create anti-aliasing without havig to take the extra time required to render using built in osa!

BTW those high end GPUs are designed just for rendering so they have huge tex per pix and they can render billions of pixels per second! Those computing powers also alow the computer to computate all of the image aspects before rendering which decreases rendering time incredibly! In high end rendering Crays are leased but as desktops and small supercomputers come up in performance Crays aren’t being used as much. :wink:

Wow, very nice work on this song, beau. It’s incredoubly atmospheric and demonstrates a strong talent. Can’t wait to hear your future work.

On that note (no pun intended ;)), do you have an archive of other songs you’ve made in the past?

Tons of stuff, but not instrumental, at

i’m in the process of putting my stuff up on my own server so you don’t have to join or give email addys or nothing JUST to hear the music.