FREE new 2d graphic and animation program

looking good - check the site for tut’s


the foliage painting/particle capabilities look quite cool. I had noticed that program awhile back, but at the time I think it was just for 95/98.

I downloaded it some time ago (it works on xp). The program isn’t that spectaculair. I found it not usefull and deleted it some days ago. I coudn’t save and there was a tekst added over the images I made.

I downloaded it. It doesn’t leave any text on the image in this version and it looks nifty. I’ll report back once I figure out how to make the plants.
<edit> Ok I figured out how to do the ‘optipustics’. very cool. ( basically a gradient particle brush, ideal for making hair, or plants(grass especially),…lots of control over the various parameters,…very cool )

Looks a nice bit of software. I can’t seem to find out if it supports graphic tablets and pressure sensitivity.

Still impressive for free software


I’m still looking for the pressure sensetivity but my tablet seems to work with it anyway.

no linux support in a “free” softwareproduct… not my definition of “free” :wink: if there are nice features in it… oke nice to check the code. sorry I use linux only

free does not mean OS

but hey


“Project Dogwaffle is a paint and animation program for PC.”

PC my a$$!

ok it does have pressure sensitivity. just left click on your brush tip and you’ll get some options. it also has a really cool feature where you can use a custon brushtip as a sort of seamless gradient fill thing. hard to explain,…there’s a tutorial where one of the users makes a rather ugly tree ( hope he didn’t read that ) but the technique is cool,…I’ll probably put up a couple of pics i made at some point that will help to clarify,…
<edit> here’s a thing I made whilst messing around with it and folowwing the ugly tree tutorial.

sure… yes. but its still not the same freedom (in my opinion) somehow if its only for windows.

the source code is free so theoretically you could compile your own, right?

The source is not free!

If it is, show me a place were I can download it.

Did you try the link given above?


Yeah, this sure is the source!

on the page i saw something to the effect that programmers could access the code in the event that they wished to develop it for their own purposes. aside from that, the guy who wrote it is obviously trying to make a buck, and happened to be kind enough to release nearly the entire software in a FREE package, which, yes, is, in itself, free. he did not invent windows. he probably doesn’t even know bill gates personally. he did not write the platform, or microsofts marketing policies. he is also under no obligation to give free software to the world. he undoubtedly worked hard to make it, and now wishes to make a modest sum of money in return for his labors.
<edit> and i must say, it is an exceptional program, having fooled with it now for several hours.

Do you deny that it does not run on PC hardware?



You guys are confusing “gratis” and “freedom” in the english word “free”.

Free as in freedom is GNU/GPL which provides actual <insert language here> sources for a program distributed under the GNU/GPL.

Free as in free beer is simply compiled binaries provided for the end user for non-commercial and/or commerical uses free of charge. No source is provided with this.

Please don’t turn this into a FSF vs. <insert another movement here> holy war.


What would a plugin-SDK help me?

About free, read what ditto just said.

Do you deny that it does not run on PC hardware?

No, but it can’t be run on mine. And what good is a PC-standard if software only works on some?

Maybe he meant Windows, but that’s not PC anyway…