free not texture yet living room BLENDER scene file

Hi all, to practice you render skill, you can download not textured yet free blender scene file of the bellow image at this link [>]

of course you also can join that mini contest. to show to the others the power of BLENDER. :wink:

why linking to a page/site where you must register to download something?

not everyones wants to register (again) to a new forum just to download something, think of that next time when linking from another site :wink:

ztonzy - administrator.

Try instead for sharing files. The image looks good though. Can you post a bigger version?

Ops, I dont know about that. this is maybe because remember me option. So I don’t realise about this.

Sorry :wink:

I went ahead and registerd the site looks intresting
the blender version of the model is kind of messy with alot of extra verts I am trying to clean it some so I can do some renders. the VRay renders look real nice. I think I can get some nice resaults with yafray.
thanks for the link.

myself and the other guy on this fourm using Blender aren’t making it look very good :expressionless: . would someone with more experince with indoor sceens give this a try. I thought that this would be easer than it is.
BTW I have got the best blender import with the .lwo file.

WOW! I have never reprimanded someone for linking to another site with valuable resources, I would think that if you didn’t want to register you could just hit that little arrow pointing left on the top left of your browser. But that is just me, if you do not want any one pointing out 3DA, please make sure that content from 3DA is not distributed or mentioned here as well. Thank you very much :wink:

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