Free procedural 2.8x material, batch 2 "Concrete"

Finished with batch 2 of my totally free to use as you wish, 100% free procedural material.
However…if you feel generous, you could always support me of course, which would make me wow! happy ;). For support; Support Page (Patreon)

For material; 2.8 Cycles materials

Enjoy :)!


Sorry for the stupid question but how do i download it? I can’t find the download button on your website

When you look at an image, you have some description in the bottom of each. The name of the image is the link to zip file :). You are right… it is a little bit hidden.

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Oh cool, thanks

thanks for sharing

it is using some elaborate proc texture for cycles

this seems to be for cycles in 2.8
can this also be use for Eevee ?

happy cl

Most things will work in Eevee as well, but a few will not (if I use Bevel Nodes for instance). The result might differ though between the two, but it’s just to try :).

EEVEE seems to be faster and almost equivalent to cycles render
so I use the lookdev and it appears inside 5 seconds on a cube!
seems to be working nicely in Eevee.

is there a simple way to adjust the mapping for this
like scale function of object size ?

happy cl

My principle when building them is that I use “Object” Output to avoid distortion if you scale the object and I use the “Generate” Output when I want to calculate something that goes from 0 to 1.
Also I use X and Y as my main directions, excluding Z in most.

So, to change things you have to think a little what you want to do. Often you can for instance change “Object” output to UV output (if you have UV unwrapped your object) and then just change the scale of the UV.

Another way to scale is to add a “mapping node” before I do a separateXYZ.

If you want the pattern on a wall instead of a floor, you have to change the “Y” to a “Z” in most textures… or simply rotate your floor to be a wall without applying the rotation.

Those are the simple tricks you can use to change things… but you can of course tamper with all parameters as well.

Nice. Not the usual materials, imho.

Regarding the “unstudded” ones; what’s the procedure in real life to getting these? If these are blocks made on the ground and then positioned, the random pattern lookup position should be randomized for each “tile”. If they are “filled in place” or is somehow a solid block, then they are ok. I have no idea about concrete work :slight_smile:

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I don’t know that much either…mostly looked at ref. images, but I think in those cases it´s not blocks, but more the surface of the casting mold used. Have to investigate further… and it’s a good reminder to actually do some research of the stuff that you copy the surface of :slight_smile:.

If what you’re copying from has patterns “going across the seams”, then these ones should be good to go.

I’m talking about the classic “marble tile”, where you (normally, exceptions exist) won’t put up tiles that come from the next cut. Like here, although a big lookup image texture is used, pattern is broken across tiles.

The ColorRamp node kills the separated X coordinate to the interval 0 - 1. It means that for example in “Concrete15” it can not be scaled. Adding Absoulute and Modulo by 1 before ColorRamp node fixes the problem with repeating values. Or it should be the way without using ColorRamp node.

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Thanks! Will give some time on really checking rescaling on objects as well in future, so I don’t miss it :slight_smile:

by the way one suggestion

would it be possible to make some sort of general file
with most of the materials in one file instead of one file per material

would be much faster to find things in one file

happy cl

From time to time, people tend to do that with my material, but the main reason I don’t do it myself is that most of the times I just add a material when it feels I got something good, so I don’t collect batches of them.
The site also started as a way more to learn about the nodes, then actually use it as a library of materials and even if I now tend to add that extra hour to make the result look really good it is still mostly made as “study” material and if I have just added a bunch together it had been more a “wow, these materials looks wow, I’ll use them” without caring about the nodes at all.
Might change my mind later on… but that is the reasons why things are like they are right now anyway :slight_smile: .

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