Free rigged 3d model

hello, there is this website/project that provided a free rigged 3d model for various application years ago. i just forgot the name of the website/project.

Anyone remembers the name?

Just use Google,


thanks for your response, but maybe i asked this forum because i already googled it and can’t find it because i don’t remember the name of the project. and usually people that helped me with my question in this forum are more experienced than i am, so i assume some of them would know the project name considering the project started before i know what blender was.

That’s okay, but remember to provide any sort of details that could help us help you. Anyway, if it isn’t nor, have you looked at the link providede by @RSEhlers?

thanks for your response, yes i have, and all the links are purple, which means i have opened it before. the problem is i barely remember anything else about the project, the project has it’s own website and -if it is the correct term- it was an opensource project

thanks for your response but the project had it’s own website

What kind of 3d model provided? Characters? Vehicles? Buildings?

it was human character male/female, in maya they had default purple shirt and can be costumized with sliders. and if i remember it correctly it has not been updated to blender 2.8x

Wait a minute. It was a Maya rig or a Blender rig? Because they usually don’t work both ways.

You wouldn’t happen to be referring To Makehuman?

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the project provided for several application, the first time i was exposed to it was when i was using maya, but they also provide the rig for blender

that’s not it, but that seems would be a nice addition


Was it any of these?

Free Maya Rigs – The Best Options For Your Skill Level | Rusty Animator

it is not in any of those unfortunately. but thanks