Free scores


Since I am having some free time to kill this summer, I decided to practice composing a little. I have been doing this already for a few weeks, but it feels kinda stupid doing all this work for nobody: I compose until I’m happy, and then nothing. Therefore I figured maybe I could help your projects a little. Amateur or Blender professional, payed or unpayed, I really don’t care, I will score anything if it is not too long. There is only one thing I will not do, and that’s listening to questions like ‘please create something like piece X by composer Y’. As the great composers will tell you, it is impossible to recreate something and to make it sound completely different at the same time. I prefer to work with concept art (or something related) and some simple instructions like ‘dramatic, lots of strings, etc.’ To show you what I can do, here is a compilation of everything I created this month. Please also respond when you know someone else who might be interested. Again, I’ll do it for free, and it doesn’t have to be a big professional project. Since this is just practice for me, even a 15 second animation by someone who discovered Blender two weeks ago is okay.


EDIT: and before I forget: I will probably be unable to respond next week… but I will answer as soon as I can!

I could use a spacey track for a training mission in a game similar to Star Fox 64 also a menu theme for said game would be helpful.

Hi Woseseltops,
I’ve just listened to your youtube demo and was very impressed by your skill! Especially the mix-down which, to me, was very well balanced and came through beautifully on my Bose speakers.

Awesome work! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, that’s always nice to hear. For the others: I also posted this message in ‘News & Discussion’, so I expect the thread here wil be deleted soon.

I am working on a game called belagos and we would love a composer. Check out this thread.