Free 'Sequence Editing' workspace with add-ons included


A Sequence Editing workspace for Blender with add-ons included.


Included Add-ons

GIF Import & Export

EDL Export

EDL Import

SRT subtitle Import

VSE Easy Proxy Will need ffmpeg path in Preferences.

VSE Transform Tools

Freesound Will need API key in Preferences.

Push To Talk Will need ffmpeg installed.

Playback Controls In VSE Header, Project settings in Sidebar and VSE Reworked operators in menus.


  • Download: Code - Download Zip
  • Unzip
  • Rename the folder inside the zip to Script_Editing - remove ‘-main’
  • Copy the folder into: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.90\2.90\scripts\startup\bl_app_templates_system
  • Start Blender.
  • In the Welcome pop-up select ‘Script Editing’.
  • In the File menu - Defaults - Load Factory Settings(this is the only way to execute the init file in the workspace template).

The UI should now look different and the add-ons should be installed and enabled.



Awesome work, @tin2tin thanks! Makes it a lot easier.

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