Free software for making stills from video files

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for free software that can make screenshots from a video every x seconds (or every x frames) and write them as images in a folder. Included in every screenshot should be the source file name (the original video), the frame number and/or time it was taken from.

I’ve seen several pieces of software that can make screenshots every x seconds, like VLC. But they can’t seem to include overlay text with that useful information. I heard Adobe Premiere can do this, but don’t wanna buy expensive software just to make some screenshots for a set of videos this one time.
Besides, I like using Blender for video editing, so no Adobe Premiere needed for that as well. :evilgrin:


You could use blender to render an image sequence with the frame step to something other than 1 and use the Render / Metadata to stamp data onto the rendered frame

Brilliant! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
Blender, is there anything it can’t do?