free stop motion apps??

(deltawing) #1

hi - anyone know of a decent free program that can be used to accomplish this sort of thing
this one was done with/macipic -thnks - sorry if this is technically in the wrong forum topic/area


(knellotron) #2

If you’re on Linux, this one is good:


(deltawing) #3

knellotron…thnks…I’ll work on accessing _ Linux option, someone suggested Blender sequencer or Virtual Dub …I’ll look into a way to organize the single frames in Blender…there are approx. 250 in the video link which is about right. also Virtual Dub I can check as well.cheers


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A few years ago, I downloaded a stopmotion program that was cool and easy to use, called Monkeyjam. I think I’ll download it again, it seems to have been updated. Here is a link to the site:


Oh yeah, and here is a cool stopmotion drum & piano solo by a guy who can’t play drums or piano, but the song is amazing, funny, creative and cool.

youtube vid of the kid


(Mmph!) #5

If you already have the images, you can use GIMPGAP.


(dukytyme) #6

Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that…I only used Gap once, but it seemed easy enough and powerful. I have the Gap app that “syncs” with Gimp 2.3, I didn’t know that it worked for 2.4 or Gimphoto. I kind of thought that to use GAP, you have to find the available package for the version of Gimp you have, I think that would be a major pain, especially if there is no GAP for you GIMP version, available.

Link–> anasazi is another free stop motion app.


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I just uploaded a short stop motion test I did a while ago

You can comment here if you like


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thanks for the info and links everyone… this forum is always “one stop shopping” for good suggestions/experience. I’m just exploring of using stop motion as a teaching tool for an animation class I offer. We do Zoetrope strips to begin and a natural progression might be stop motion before we jump into 3D comp. with Blender. cheers
fatfinger…that’s funny and just the kind of thing that will fill seats in a 3D elective course_but plugging students into Blender world is my main objective :slight_smile: