"Free" Textures

I’ve been working for about 5 months now on creating my own small library of textures, that I made myself from my own photos.

I’ve made some of them seamless (bricks/walls) and they are of pretty high quality in terms of pixels (something like 4000*3500 pixels or some other high pixel count). The textures are made from photos taken at old castles and old houses (19th century and before).

It is my first attempt at creating high quality seamless textures, so I am not sure if the quality would be that good for professional use.

The reason I am doing it is to increase my social status in the CG community, to draw attention to my other works of art (CG and musical compositions) in order to gain a wider audience, in hope of more constructive criticism and ideas. Which is also why I am doing this for free.

However, in order to actually ensure that I do gain the credit in the way I want it (so that my other works of art are being drawn into attention too), I need to make a proper license, that, on one hand, ensures this due credit, but on the other hand, allows the liberty for people to actually make use of the textures, and WANT to use my textures.

How do I make or formulate such a license? I am not good at legal questions, so I am asking what I can do, and also, generally speaking, if my goal and purpose is proper?

Also, are there other things you think I should consider, before releasing the packs?

I’d recommend going to the Creative Commons website and using one of their free pre-written licenses. I’ve been using CC-BY for graphics that I’ve been distributing.


Need to update my textures.