Free To Publish?

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Free To Publish?

I’m new here, Hi all.
If I download Blender and spend the required amount of time to learn it… than I deisgn and make a game with it…
what happens if I decide to publish it maybe as a commercial game release?

Is there any NOT CAN DO condition when using Blender?
Or are we totally free to make a game and sell it as an independent exe?
Either using publisher or Game Deployer?

I hope some one can make this clear, the problem is that the currnet Blender home site has ZERO info on blender !!! It only mentions info about the Campaign, the member $50 funding and the $100,000… but there is no info on the Blender software as what it can do… how free are you to use it etc… I don’t mind to become a paying member to support what looks like a great initiative, but there should be more info available on the main site for new people visiting blender for the first time

Thank you

(S_W) #2

If you want to sell a game you made with Blender you can use:

  • the Blender Publisher (there should be no limits, but I’m not 100% sure)
  • the GameDeployer (but only if you don’t include Blender in the executable!)

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The “current” publisher license is a personal license that allows you to sell 1000 legal items I believe… that is “sell” them. If it is free for download off the internet I believe there is no limit. There have been several other alternatives to making an executable version of the games and I’m sure that once Blender becomes OS that number will increase.

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Thank you for your quick reply, much appreciated.

Does that mean that if I use GameDeployer… (which I guess will create an exe of the game…for example on a CD without including any blender file, just the game exe)… to create the exe than there is no restriction at all about how I sell my game and how many copies I sell of it.

Well I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I guess that the people behind blender are quite busy right now so I thought to ask here in the forum, surely this topic must have been discussed before…

One reason why I’m asking is that before downloading Blender and investing time in looking into the software potential I would like to know what restrictions I’m going to have to deal with, both technical and economical… as I said the Blender website is really lacking info about it.

thanks again

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The GameDeployer has been made by me, so you can sell a GameDeployer executable. BUT you may not include Blender in this case, because Blender may not be sold or distributed commercially.
(A little explanation: The GameDeployer simply attaches all files for your game to a pre-compiled executable, so you can sell a GameDeployer executable as long as there is no Blender in it.)

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SO I guess the GameDeployer will not contain Blender, it will only be ofcourse a compiled program. So If I only sell the exe of the game it should work on people PCs and it will not require any blender file to run…

cool, that’s good news:)
Thank you very much!!


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I’m not sure whether you understood me right.
You need Blender on the target system, if you don’t include it in the executable.

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Haaa, so even if you compile the .exe
it will not work unless the user-PC has Blender installed

This is strange though, I downloaded the Fighting Demo Game-windows from some of you guys, it was the exe and I did not have Blender installed…
oh… maybe that was because the exe had blender included with it?

I see…
so there is now way to run a blender game (even with your Deployer) unless the user has blender present on his Computer…
Ok, well still worth it probably :slight_smile:

Thank you again S_W

I have been looking at a few blender user sites, but I have yet to find a good demo of a game that could be considered almost finished… and by this I do not mean a AAA game, just an almost completed game… I wonder if blender is ok to start with but than it does not allow anyone to really complete a project maybe due to limitations appearing only when you are already half way through it…

Of course I know what you would say… check it out, install it and learn to use it…that’s right I think that’s what I 'm going to do, but if you know of a polished cool demo game made with blender I would love to see it…

Thank you for your help, let’s keep in touch!

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The reason you see so many not-finished games has more to do with the users of blender being of the amateur variety; and amateurs have a tendancy to start things but not finish them. Or at least that’s how it is with me:) I’ve been doing this long before I even heard of blender, so it’s not entirely blender’s fault.

Although, if you only use logic bricks; with no python, they do seem really simple at first, but when the logic gets complicated it’s really hard to tell how everything fits together; making it taxing to continue to edit the game. So this might also have something to do with it.

Several games have reached the almost finished stage though. Check out Roller 2 by Pooba, lixer by blengine, Grim in Satan’s Service by Ineedanewbike (Link), and Maharaja by monkeyboi. Also look at the pool/snooker/billiards games posted a few days ago, those are pretty much done.

I dont have links,but I’ll post them later if I have time. Use the search function.

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The alley fighter demo is a game made by NAN with blender publisher, which has a built-in thingy for creating exe’s. I have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at this topic:

It explains it all.


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has anyone even made a game or games worthy of selling commercially?

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I will have a completed game by next year that should make this great community proud. But if you cannot wait that long, check out these oustanding works in progress. | The awesome Sung and NuNu | Home of the EVA Project

Secondly, the latest issue of Game Developer Magazine actually had an article about independent game developers called Games for the People by the People (October 2002, Vol. 9, No. 10) and spoke of the need for indies in the world of videogame production. READ IT :smiley: I know that those of you that make great games will set the trends later. Learn game design and make the ground-breaking games. A game called Bad Milk won best game award at one of the recent Independent Game Festivals; it was made using Macromedia Director. The creators pushed Macromedia Director to the edge and published an awesome game. Do the same with Blender.

Don’t let the tool define your creativity. You define the tool.

P.S. Pooba, please finish roller, it is a classic :smiley: !!!


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Ok, i’ll finish it. I have gotten 13 levels, but it’s hard to think up ideas