Free Tool - PBR Node Pack

I’ve been spending a lot of time with materials lately, after watching CynicatPro’s tutorial as well as seeing BlenderGuru’s PBR introduction I decided to put together some reusable node groups for future projects. So I thought I’d share them with you guys as well, because I’m just that kinda guy.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Website Link & Download:

Usage Video

EDIT: I have updated the node pack to version 2, details of changes can be seen here

Thanks for going old school on these really useful nodes guy. ‘Old School’ :giving to the community free as back in the day. Usage video was informative and will have anyone up and running in no time. I worked a boat at Holy Loch and haven’t heard that accent in quite some time by the way. Once again thanks.

Thanks , excellent gift to the community and thanks for the tutorials :wink:

Update: Oops, I am posting a comment in the wrong thread. Comments below are for another shader,
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Thanks for the nice work. The PBR surface node is great.
There is one thing;
Right now the Specularity output goes into the Reflection Boost right? I think the Specularity output should go into a color input of the Glossy BSDF which is in the Reflection node. Not sure though.
I would call reflection boos “Base Reflection”.

You’re welcome guys, glad they are proving useful. I will continue to develop them as I will be using them as part of my own workflow, so will update them as needed. Thanks for watching :wink:


I’ll be releasing a new version of this in the coming weeks, have tweaked some of the background math and added a few features. Bit untidy atm but I’ll neaten it up and upload once I’m done with my current project.

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Just updated the node pack to version 2, details can be found here.