Free topology tutorials


I’m looking for some good general topology tutorials, free stuff only. Could you recommend some?

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #2

Check this website:


Thanks, that should be a good start.

(joseph raccoon) #4

They go into this somewhat, more on the when and why you need good topology, but they also go into cases where you can gloss over topology.

(XYZero) #5

Try these…

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Forgot to add…

(erickBlender) #6

I can’t stop posting this head tutorial :slight_smile:


@joseph_raccoon, @XYZero, @erickBlender,
Thanks, that’s lot of knowledge to process, hope that’ll help me to improve my workflow :smiley:

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(XYZero) #8

Glad to be of some help MissB. Should be plenty of information to get you solidly grounded on topology.

Also you may want to do a search for a BA member JA12, you will learn a lot from this person, I have.
Found this…it’s a long read…

Hope this helps also.

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While interesting, this site offers no tutorials in subjects of topology, but I might use some for GIMP - thanks.