Free topology tutorials

I’m looking for some good general topology tutorials, free stuff only. Could you recommend some?

Check this website:

Thanks, that should be a good start.

They go into this somewhat, more on the when and why you need good topology, but they also go into cases where you can gloss over topology.

Try these…

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Forgot to add…

I can’t stop posting this head tutorial :slight_smile:

@joseph_raccoon, @XYZero, @erickBlender,
Thanks, that’s lot of knowledge to process, hope that’ll help me to improve my workflow :smiley:

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Glad to be of some help MissB. Should be plenty of information to get you solidly grounded on topology.

Also you may want to do a search for a BA member JA12, you will learn a lot from this person, I have.
Found this…it’s a long read…

Hope this helps also.

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While interesting, this site offers no tutorials in subjects of topology, but I might use some for GIMP - thanks.