Free Trailer Epic Music - Time for Battle

Hey folks. I decided to unleash one of my tracks and make it completely free for everyone. You can use it in your videos, games, publish it, remix it and do whatever you want with it. Just please give me a credit when you put it somewhere and share a link to my page:

The track is called Time For Battle. I made it few years ago for GameDay (Gamedev event in Poland) trailer.
Hope You enjoy this one. I will be grateful if you share this so it can reach more and more people.

And here is the track:



Wow I like your music better than Eric’s . It sounds orchestral and cinematic.

To be professional, the download should be in a lossless sound format like .flac or .wav

Thanks. You’re right. I was planing to link wav fille but I made a mistake :slight_smile:
I added wav as second link so You may now download that one.

Feel free to visit my youtube or soundcloud channel I hope you find other tracks worth listening aswell.
Cheers :slight_smile:

What are your other battle tracks?

Well I don’t have many “battle” type tracks, but I have some energetic trailer music. You may find it on my SoundCloud profile