Free Training Suggestions

Hi there,

Is there any free online course / training available for learning Blender 2.8 which covers basics of everything (rigging, animation, physics etc.)?

Currently I am learning from different tutorials. But, I think at least going through one end to end course will be a lot helpful.


if you already use another 3d software well I don’t know but try searching for migrating to blender videos.
But if you are a beginner, try learning on demand. Pick a project of your choice (making a fully modeled human for example) and search for learning when you don’t know how to achieve your goal.
as learning just the bare basics will not help you that much in the long run.
youtube is full of good free videos. If your think it’s slow try joining a community (Here or on discord). post your work ask for help or feedback.


I am new to 3D. I have used Maya before. But most of my experience is with Blender only.