Free View in a game


I’m trying to make a free view in a simulator game, but I can’t find out how to do it
What I want is that when you move the mouse, the camera moves around the player while tracking to it (always looking at the object)
Can anybody help ?



Hi Sticky

I made something similar to this not long ago.

I used an Empty, which copied the location of the object to rotate around (via python), and parented the Camera to it. To move the camera around the object you simply have to rotate the Empty. Maybe you don’t even need a track-to constraint

ok so heres what you need, you need an empty parented to the player(so that the empty follows the player) then parent the camera to the empty(so that the camera follows the empty) and finally have the empty run a mouselook script. like the one from and thats it :smiley: hope this helps, i can go in more detail if you would like

check out FreeView and FreeViewControl