Freehand draw?

I just picked up my Blender 2.3 guide today, and I’m looking through the Spin/Dup Wineglass tutorial. The first step of the tutorial is to make the profile of the glass. Obviously the guide assumes I already know what I’m doing because it doesn’t say quite exactly how to go about doing that. Of course, I DON’T know what I’m doing which is why I bought the damned manual in the first place. Anyway, from the figure, it looks like the profile was drawn freehand with the mouse rather than made from a plane or a grid mesh. Is that possible?

No it is not possibe to draw freehand in blender… I think what your looking at is the background picture; I dont have the manuel myself so I dont know for sure. But i think the profile is the background picture thats been mapped onto a plane which is why it looks like it has been drawn because it has, just not in blender. I’m pretty sure the manual will tell you how to map drawings onto things or use drawings as backgrounds just look around some.
Hope this helps.

No, there’s no background image. I tried making the profile with a grid mesh using proportional editing, but I couldn’t figure it out.

BTW…being able to draw freehand with a mouse or a tablet and clicking to place vertices would be an AWSOME feature…

Add an object and still in edit mode hit X and choose to delete the verts. Now you can Ctrl-LMB (left mouse button) new verts where the mouse cursor is. Draw your outline like this (keeping in mind that the edges you create will later become edges of polygons) and connect the last two by selecting them both and making the edge with F. Do the same to connect them across the outline then select verts in 4’s or 3’s and hit F to make faces.
Use K to subdivide and add extra loops where necessary then change view to move verts to fill the volume of the profile.


That’s close enough to freehand for me! Thanks!