[Freelance] Create 3d models of buildings from Google Earth and models created from photogrammetry

As the title suggests, I need help with creating 3d models of existing buildings. These models are to be used in a third party software to simulate solar PV installations. Therefore I’m mostly interested in getting the dimensions of the roof (and the objects on the roof) fairly accurate (Google Earth quality is adequate). Everything else can be very low poly with rough texture.

The software that I’m using is old (32-bit) and therefore doesn’t like a high polygon count (max 20k polygons to work well) and a max texture size of 1024x1024.

I will be in need of this service every once in a while (1-2 times per month right now) and I’d like to have the models within a few days from request.

I think that this is quite easy work for someone who knows what they’re doing (which I don’t). I’m thinking that it should be about 1-2 hours per project and I’m thinking that $20-30 per hour is reasonable. I’m willing to discuss pay if I’m being unreasonable.


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