Freelancer texture mesh (simple textures) and export to Verge3d or Blend4Web

(Peter) #1


I’m looking into the possibility of creating 3D products on our website, we have a directory of products in Solidworks. We can export to VRML or other formats but would like to texture these in Verge3D or Blend4Web, possibly with some extra features such as measurements and Lighting on/off. Maybe in the future with a configurator. We’d be looking at 50 products to start and then 200 products with on going work. As such we’d be looking at a price per product and examples of similar work.

Polished Chrome, Polished Gold, Polished Copper
Brushed Chrome, Brushed Gold, Brushed Copper,
Crystal, Smoked/dark glass, copper/gold glass
Ceramics and painted finishes,
Some fabric textures, such as cotton, linen and silk, we can send you jpg images

Most products just have two basic materials on.

If you are in china this would be more interesting as our Solidworks modellers are in China.

(juancarlosgzrz) #2

Hi, email me to [email protected] or if you want me to send you a PM. Let me know, I’m interested. Here’s my portfolio:

(Peter) #3

Hi Juan,

Nice work, no examples of blend4web though

Here are examples of two products, I’ve done in sketchfab. I was keen to use verge 3d or blend4web as they more versatile and eventually we’d like to create features such as measurements, ‘lights on/off’ and possibly AR.

For now we are looking for the most cost effective solution to get up to 200 products on our website in 3D I know solidworks but not blender and find the behaviour of blend4web shader unusual, either we can pay for a scene with good lighting and easy to apply materials or you can also quote to texture and export the models

(juancarlosgzrz) #4

So, let me get this straight. You want your 200 products in 3D on your website. Can you email me with your budget?

(juancarlosgzrz) #5

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

(Juani) #6

Hello I would like to do a test, I am able to perform all the interactivity you need in your scene with javascript, b4w and Blender.
I do not commit to do the work until I do a test that you want. Of course this test is totally free.
Mona.html (2.0 MB)
Excavadora.html (9.6 MB)

(bobr.animation) #7

hello , I am from Switzerland, but I already work with chinese engineers for some long time ongoing projects. I work with Blender, Blend4web, Solidworks for several purposes. I am sending you some example of the materials you need on an HTML file , boucle .html (6.1 MB)
here you can see some of my works rendered in real time with WebGl with their reference images, and here more of my other works . I’ d be glad to discuss about the budget of the job in PM, and I am available for an ongoing collaboration

(Juani) #8

Very good work, bobr.animation !!
There are not many people who work with Blend4Web.

(bobr.animation) #9

that’s exactly the reason whyI work with it! it’s so damn powerful and nobody uses it!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

Full disclosure: I work for Sketchfab

Using the Sketchfab Viewer API you can achieve all of those. Here are some relevant links:

(Juani) #11

Interesting, do you know if it supports mesh deformation in animations with bones, physical objects, animated lights, reflections, particles? If so, it’s worth taking a look.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #12
  • Animations with bones - yes. See some examples here.
  • Physical objects - do you mean a physics engine? If so, no, you’ll have to bake it.
  • Animated lights - no. API support is planned, but not yet available.
  • Reflections - yes, with SSR. Here are examples and reference information.
  • Particles - no, you’ll have to bake them. See this tutorial.

(Juani) #14

ok thank you very much, I’ll take a look.

(Nicolae Ionascu) #15

Hi there

I have some experience with verge3D.
My email - [email protected]
I would like to see what kind of model you have.
Good luck

(CarlosSilva) #16

Hi my name is Carlos,

I am interested in this job.


email: [email protected]