$$ FREELANCER WANTED: For cloth simulation - animate flags softly blowing in the wind

Hello! Excellent Blender wanted for a small project: To animate prayer flags as if they’re softly blowing in the wind. I created the artwork in photoshop, all flags are on a separate layer and will be supplied via FTP or Dropbox. Animation is to be fluid and slow—soft blowing wind that gently moves the flags naturally but comes to a stop at end for a few seconds to show logo w/out distortion of movement—see still image attached. Final piece to be used online as page header in wp site. Desired Turn Around: 7-10 days Please contact me if you’re interested with resume and fee proposal. Paid in full via paypal upon completion. Must be willing to collaborate and play well with others :slight_smile: Have good communication, keep us updated about status of project and share any ideas that may make it better. Future work available depending on how we work together. If you’re all about the final result and feel the process of getting there, should be fun and as easy as possible—then we’ll be a perfect fit! Email me with any questions. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to work with you (err—someone soon). Available for chat via the phone / skype / facetime website: markedbythemuse.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stephbaker


Hi, sending a PM sir!
As seen by my Signature, I’m a Believer in God, so absolutely loving these!

Perfect for the use of an add-on I made.

Please email me at [email protected]

I’d be glad to create the simulations.

Neat addon, but it isn’t actually the best way for this style of animation. A Vertex group with pinning enabled actually gives a much more realistic result. Nice addon though :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what this does. Putting the ripping cloth aside, I can quickly set where I want the cloth pinning to occur without going back and forth changing the vertex group.

Very nice addon. Simple & effective. Should make a proper thread for it.
Will you release it?

I see, so essentially you made a code that with the click of a button makes that object the brush for weight paint? Although there is already a way to do it, this is a couple steps quicker. Releasing it is a terrific idea if you haven’t already!
God Bless!

PM sent, I could do this job very fast and well within expected turnaround time.

I did something like this a while ago.
Here is the file: http://www.filedropper.com/flags
I never did final texturing or lighting on it. It was just a quick experiment using a different setting on each flag to see how the movement looked.