freestyle cant exclude groupes


trying to exclude a group from being rendered with freestyle. I have honey jars with the freestyle and I want the honey to not be effected but I cant seem to do it.

heres a SS

I’ve messed with the lineset but i must be missing something.

Ok well i’ve managed to get that working, just had to restart blender. I hate how finicky this is. Now the jar wont render the lines. The two meshes intersect a little, is there an issue that would cause one to interfere with the other?

Ok, so after a bit of messing around It looks like the freestyle lines wont show if they are behind an image which has alpha. In my scene the pots sit on a branch which is a plane and an image of a branch, a PNG image. The pots sit slightly behind on the y axis. Is this normal or any work around besides bringing the pots forward? It kinda ruins the illusion