Freestyle experts?

Who are the most expert at Freestyle in the Blender community?

Does anyone maintain a website or blog or anything dedicated to Freestyle? I know there used to be…

…any information is appreciated as I am doing a lot of work with Freestyle and would love to know some people I can ask questions of. Since it is a niche part of Blender they are hard to find!


He knows what he doing ->

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@pcaggegi is the resident expert. He also provides some amazing “manga/comic” shaders to his patreon supporters

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Wow thanks for the shout out guys! I have a couple more tutorials on Freestyle coming out free on youtube in the next couple months.

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Those guys are still around. I think they’ve started a Pateeon page for their Youtube show where they showcase current artwork and tutorials in the NPR community. It’s pretty good. Their Freestyle course is four years old, but. I hope they do an update.