FreeStyle SVG Export - Almost solved

Hey guys, I did some messing with FreeStyle SVG Export settings and I got it to correctly draw the SVG file (no jerking on edges).
But, I can’t export Vertex Colors now, while I made it in the past.
The fact is, I don’t remember all the settings I need.

Please, help me. I’m attaching a .blend and a screenshot.

SVG Export - No problems but the color.blend (481 KB)
See here too:

Ok, another step forward.
I made it to render the example mesh in green instead of grey.
I just changed the diffuse parameter in the material.
Now, how do I map vertex colors to diffuse in the material?
I guess this would be the final step.

Edit: I attach a screenshot of the SVG, please look the Drive link provided above to see the SVG exported files, the latest .blend and the .png render result.

Thanks for help.

Please, I guess this could be made with nodes. But I have no idea about how.

This question has already been asked

It’s not really what I was looking for.
I’ll repeat, hoping to be clear:
I need to map vertex colors on a mesh -> diffuse color of the used material.

So, if I have a cube with vertex coloring, each color should be mapped to the material’s diffuse color and exported as a gradient in FreeStyle SVG Exporter.

I don’t really know if this is possible, because I’ve never seen a Blender exported SVG file with gradients - only solid colors.
But this could be added if anyone is interested and if this is not already there.

To be clear for the 3rd time: material colored with vertex colors does not export with the svg exporter. Nor does it export a gradient defined with the ramp for the diffuse color. It only exports the set base color, as it says in the manual.

Ok, sorry. Somewhat I didn’t got it.
Thanks by the way.

Please, excuse me for my ignorance.
I just read the SVG exporter reasons per path, not per vertex.

This is why vertex colors will never be exported.
Now, the wisest thing to do is export just the strokes without the fill and color in some other editor.

Update: I had a quick chat with the developer of this addon, he said my vertex paint suggestion makes sense and we’ll get a working prototype by the next week.
Stay tuned.

Hi @berserk, is there any progres with vertex paint to svg file? I can’t get it working.

@Berserk how did this implementation go?
I am trying to export animation from a blender file and all the SVG just stay on the same layer which is not convenient for animation.