Freeze miser Update 12/31/05 He is Back!!!!! scroll down

For the holidays I am going to recreate the freeze miser and eventually animate him. I have been working on the head and just about completed it. I havent rendered it yet because I have a question that needs answering first.

see the highlighted vertices I want to merge them into one row instead of 2. Is there a easy way to do this?

After I fix that row I will render the head.


Press s, then x, and using control scale it down to zero.

Wonderful expression he has.

That leaves a nasty crease I want to actually eliminate one of the rows. Is there any way to do that or do I have to do it by hand?


You do what Jim9137 said, then click remdoubles in the edit buttons window. This will remove all the double vertices in that are on top each other, merging the two rows.

If it still leaves vertices you dont want, you can try increasing the limit (next to the remdouble button) little by little, and see if that helps.

Thanks that worked. Here the is the render. Now I want you to know I had good intensions when making the freeze miser :stuck_out_tongue: . He turned out just how he is. What apparently looks like a experiment from resident evil that went wrong :-? . I actually like how he looks I mean if you ever watched the freeze miser movie when you were little you would now how crazy this guy is :stuck_out_tongue: . So here is what I have so far I still need to make the mouth and yes I like the eyes looking insane :slight_smile: .

C&C welcome I plan to make the whole body and animate him.


For those of you wondering who the hell the freezed miser is I found this strange site all about the miser himself.

Hah, That looks like him. I liked that movie a lot when I first saw it. Really Good modelling! THe textures need some work though. The only help I could give for that, however, is to keep screwing around with them…

I havent really worked on the old miser in a while. I decided to start working on him again and plan to finish him over winter break. Here is a little update. I added a mouth and changed some textures or added some I should say. I am going to make more contrast between the hair and face.
so here it is.


Press s, then x, and using control scale it down to zero.

or use the alt+m and choose either ‘@ center’ or ‘@ cusor’

nice work… are you going to give him ice teeth, that would be cool (insert smilie rolling his eyes) , sorry couldn’t resist.

Really sorry for the almost double post. I just changed the hair tell me what one you like better.

Mang: I already fixed that vertice problem weeks ago but thanks for the advice.


If you want it to look more like the original, keep the first texture. Are you gonna make those “puppet-esque” slits at the sides of his mouth?

cool 8)
Make it iced teaths.

It has been a year or something like that since I started the Freeze Miser, he should be finished, complete with scene and all, by new years. In the mean time here is an update on what I have added to the freeze miser, which is quite a lot. I am going to add some ice on his nose, and make the Freeze miser lair, with all of his henchmen next.


-I might move this to focus crit

Here is another update on the Freeze Miser.


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whoa looks great, you can really see the improvement, did you change the topolgy of the head at all? If you did, can you show me the old topology and the new?

It looks very good to me, except the eyes seem to be over the sockets instead of in them. No other crits.

Thanks and sorry for the late reply, the topology is the same, but with different material, and better light set up. I will continue to work on the scene next winter, or mabye some random day if I get the time.