Freeze Miser

Here is the year old Freeze Miser, I am not pleased with the environment but do not have enough time to work on it to make it the level I want it to be. I am starting a big project that should be done before the summer, its going to be alot deeper than most of my images from the past, however, thats not to say that next winter I wont be back to working on the Freeze Miser. So without further adieu, the Freeze Miser.


really cool character, haha
tons of personality, i hope you plan to animate him
he looks like a character missing from the rudolf claymation
great stuff!

Actually if I remember correctly he was in one of the Rudolf’s Claymation, or maybe he was in a different one. Either way he is an oldy claymation character.

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Very good character! I noticed the WIP a couple days back, but man is he wondeful.

He’s from The Year Without a Santa Claus, which was done by the same company as Rudolf (Rankin/Bass). Also, I think the models were made of wood and other materials, not clay.

Anyway, great scene. The body looks a bit rubbery, but the head is perfect. Nice job.

Wow That’s Cool!!! Just like the original. Man, that’s fantastic! What are you going to do? Get the original song and do your own anim? I’d like to see that. :smiley:

Thanks alot everyone,
Yeah he is from the year without santa claus, I believe his real name was the snow miser but I like Freeze Miser better. I think animating him is a really good idea, next winter break the goal will be to create a short Freeze Miser animation, I think I will add his minions in the animation too for good measure. Now I just need to read up on the new animation, and rigging tools.

Woah, I just got an idea, I think for the animation I will make a duel between the Freeze Miser and the Heat Miser. It will be epic


Very nice! Looks great.

I vaguely remember him singing something… “I’m Mister White Christmas, I’m Mister Snow” or something to that effect. Assuming I remember the right thing anyway.