Freeze translation, How?

Hi, I am new to Blender and new to the forums and I have a couple of questions actually.

The first thing I’d like to know is how do you freeze translation, or in Blender terms, how do you apply translation, I know CTRL-A applies rotation and scale and Alt-O clears the origin, but how can I apply the translation, or in other words bring the Object Data origin to the world origin without the mesh/armature following?.

This is because I have a model with multiple meshes and an armature that not only have different translations, but its also off center, so I want to move everything into the right place without much trouble.

The second question, but not as important is if there is a “normalize weights” function, a function that normalizes influence from all bones on each vertex so the total equals 1.0 (IE: 2 bones influence a vertex with a weight of 1.0 each, after normalization each has a weight of 0.5)

If you’re wondering, this is for a game engine exporter similar to Doom 3 md5. :smiley:

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forums! For your first question, in object mode, you can use shit c to get the cursor back to 0,0,0 - this will also zoom to show everything in the scene. Alternatively, you can use view…properties and key in 0,0,0 for the 3D cursor.

Once the 3D cursor is at 0,0,0, select the object and press “center cursor” icon in the mesh panel. Now the objects center will be at 0,0,0.

Best of Luck


Thanks OBI_Ron!

I also noticed that there is no “Center Cursor” button for armature objects, however, the function is there, in the 3D window on the menu item “Object”->“Transform”->“Center Cursor”

Cheers! and thanks again!