French is here

Hello everybody ! My name is Sebastien and I’m French. I have the software “Blender” since a long time … but in Youtube’s French the Blender’s tutorial are very bad and is not a good quality.

So, I would like a people who has the time for me on Skype or here for exchange about Blender.

I would like make many things as : Car, Home, weapons or simulation … but I know a little things about this.

Thank you so much every Body.

Welcome here buddy! As they say in English “Hello” … or in Spanish “Swiper no Swiping!”…

But anyways…

Different people learn blender in different ways…I personally prefer the old fashioned books and printouts and a nice decent quiet hour or six with just me and blender.

So I hope someone can help you…sorry my French is bad…and I don’t have regular access to Skype…else I’d give you a hand!

Why can’t you watch english tutorial then ? And if you have some basics in drawings it can help too :).

Here is a French Blender tutorial maker on youtube I found awhile ago. I know he made a F-18 tutorial that ended up looking pretty good. His tutorials are really long, and in many parts, but maybe you’ll find it useful :slight_smile: