French race plane


This is my first post here. I have begun the plane model some months ago, and it is the first big project I have realised.
It is more or less finished, unless you tell me it needs to be reworked from scratch :frowning:
You can see it at

Thanks for your comments.

yeah i think yer gonna have to redo that from scratch…

hehe just kiddin… its great! looks like a perfect model! good scene too

That is a very nice model. All it needs is some panels and some weathering around the panel, (just a bit), and that will look just great.

Niceky done!



yeah i think yer gonna have to redo that from scratch…

Man, I was just gonna tell him it flat out sucked. Not to even bother to redo it :wink: (j/k!!)

it’s a cool model, you might work a bit on the textures

it looks a bit plastic now - best would be if you would decide if you are
going for a new or an older plane.

for a newer plane - add a reflection map to make it look more metallic
for an older plane - add some grain and a bit of a rusty texture over it

and maybe add a little environment (trees or bushes, a sky with clouds)
that should give you a great complete scene i think

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