Fresh beer !

Hi all !

During the summer days i was very thirsty, so (of course) a fresh beer was coming in my mind ^^


Cheers !

Wow, this is beautiful. I can almost taste it. Excellent materials! May I ask what the lighting setup was? Any reflectors used to bounce light at all? (besides the background, of course)

Thank you ! I’ve just used a simple hdri studio map with a factor of 2.75 and for the contrast the Kodachrome 200CD for camera response :wink:
For the drops i’ve used a normal/alpha maps.

that is pretty fresh!!!

cheers, great rendering!

Thank you :wink:

Foam looks pretty realistic. Is this part of a fluid simulation or a UV mapped scene? :slight_smile:

Really great looking. I especially like those water drops O_O

Thank you, it’s not a fluid simulation (blender freeze when i want to do some particles :s but i’m working on it)
Yes it’ UV mapped, textured/bump mapped and to fake sss i put some emission in the material^^ I know Octane can do SSS but i didn’t test that.

Thank you !

Yo ericserpi… gimmie one of those an a cigarette from your other post and I’ll be you friend…:wink: Nice done!!!

Ok SunBurn ^^ cheers and thank you!

The render is excellent, great work!

My only critique would be the slightly slanted horizon which is a bit distracting. As a general rule you should have the horizon perfectly straight unless you want to break the rule for a specific reason. In this case I don’t think it’s justified…
but that’s just me. Again, excellent work!