This is a short we did for a client . Blender was used extensively in almost all stages of production . we also used other opensource softwares like krita and mypaint for texturing and concept building. enjoy the short :slight_smile: .

making :

WOW! 5 stars

That is absolutely A m a z i n g:eek:

Amazing works guys. Looks realistic and stunning. I bet the client will enjoy a lot of customers know.

Other wonderful work.

Wonderful work. Excellent modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. 5*

Now hungry.

Some really top notch work is coming out of your studio, your team should be proud. All the fruit looked good enough to eat. Well done indeed.

Amazing work! 5* is not enough! Are you guys planning for a short animated in the near future?

Great soundtrack for a great work!

gallery now.

Wonderful! Two on the top row now :wink: After your first I watched everything on your YouTube channel - great stuff!

Amazing work. You’re setting a terrifically high bar. :slight_smile:

How did you do the growing fruit? Shape keys and texture crossfades?

Never before have I seen two art pieces from the same BA account featured in the gallery at the same time. Terrific work!
How large is your team?

Amazing project. It is still surprising to see how powerful blender really is, when it comes into the hands of masters.

Splendide !!!


this is amazing!!!

Wauw another fantastic work frome you. How did you made the different fruits and vegetables materials? Is it procedurals or image textures. Can you share some materials-setup? :slight_smile:

that’s so amazing !! great work ! i want to put my hands on those materials :stuck_out_tongue: