fresnel effect

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Can anybody think of a good way to simulate the fresnel effect with a reflective object in an animation? All I came up with was animating the material properties of the object with IPO’s and I wasn’t really happy with it.

Thanks for any help

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If you mean fresnel as in fresnel reflections, you can have a look at the refraction plugin on Eeshlo’s page ( ). If you take away the refraction map, it can easily do a fresnel reflection.


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Thanks Theeth. I have been to his site a bunch of times — just forgot about that one. Sorry.

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what does fresnel refer to ? is it reflections where the sides reflect more than the faces you’re looking at head on , or vice versa?
I imagine that could be done with a triple layered texture: a weak reflection map, a stencil blend on normal mapping, and a strong reflection map, or some other variation on that theme (I’ve already thought of a couple- for instance, you could use just one reflection map with a blend on normal mapping hiding some of it slightly…)
if I’m wrong sorry. I’m about to search on google for ‘fresnel’

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Your description of the fresnel effect is basically correct as far as I can understand it. Eeshlo’s script–I just read through it–seems to do almost what you were suggesting