'Friends of Blender Artists' Ads

(3dcgfx) #21

$15.00 !!!

(Ace Dragon) #22

I’m all for this as long as it prevents future BA features from being locked behind a paywall.

To those who are still ad-blocking, please turn them off as Bart is not the kind of person who floods a site with ads that might deliver malware. I have my copy of ABP for instance turned off on all notable websites that I trust doesn’t abuse ad-displaying API’s. Let’s help keep the internet free and reward sites that use ads. in a responsible and tasteful manner.

(Paul) #23

I do not use an ad blocker, but am considering one now if this ad stays where it is. This “friends of BA” ad makes the forum unreadable. It covers the text on my device.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #24

It’s already been reported and I’ll get a fix in place tonight.

(ambi) #25

I think the Patreon system is really cool, with the option to remove ads. The friends of Blender Artists ad system is also really cool.

Only problem with it I have is that it stays there when I scroll down threads and takes attention and concentration away from the thread, possibly reducing the quality of the conversation. Would be much nicer if it was only in the top/bottom panel.

Even with Patreon, it’s nice to see what’s up and what’s happening through ads that are hand picked to specifically target the Blender audience. The trouble with internet ads in general is that they’re annoying and often abusive, but these types of hand picked targeted ads are actually really nice and a positive thing.

Ideally, I’ll use the Patreon to remove the general ads, and would like to see the hand picked targeted ads on the top/bottom bar, but not on the side as I’m reading the thread, as it breaks concentration.

(yogyog) #26

@kkar I would like to bring another point about ads. They can make your browser resource hungry and turn it into a battery eater pretty much. I am personally fine with subtle and light ads on this site. If I see it starts consuming more than my desired cpu/memory levels , I block it. That seems to be a fair reaction.

Is that more about whether they play videos, animation, have complex html5 in them?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #27

Probably. The ads here should be light, image only and never animated.

(ambi) #28

How do I turn off the ads with Patreon? Or is that yet implemented?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #29

It should already work. Become a supporter on our Patreon and use the same email address as the one here on Blender Artists. Your account should be synced within the hour or so (probably faster), and ads will disappear.

(kkar) #30

I did not mean the ads on BA, I was just making a general point about their excessive use of JS.

Image based ads are just fine to me.

(yogyog) #31

How much to these adds cost? Is there a way that you could get a free add as an award for a competition / challenge for a week, say? Think that could be pretty cool.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #32

If it’s our ad network we can do anything we want :slight_smile: do promotion as a prize is entirely possible yes!

(John Malcolm) #33

I signed up for the Patreon thing. I’m happy to give what little I can. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing relevant adverts. My motive wasn’t to hide ads.

(John Malcolm) #34

Plenty of rooms for adverts here :stuck_out_tongue:

(Clockmender) #35

I don’t mind ads providing they are tasteful, relevant, unobtrusive and most importantly are not resource hungry. Some of the animated ads can run my laptop battery down quicker than I would like, so I exit Safari, then I don’t get updates of what is going on. So basically junk the resource hungry ads please!

The new “Friends Of” add is a bit of a PITA on my phone BTW, but then all ads are also PITAs on a phone…

Cheers, Clock.

(Gabriel Prado) #36

I don’t mind banners at all, I just hate the intrusive ones but It’s much easier to me to just install adblock. Also, I use web browser in multiple computers and honestly kinda sucks to add all the sites that I wouldn’t mind seeing ads one by one in the white list.

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Patreon, I would increase the posts and messages about it in order to increase the revenue :slight_smile:

(Felix Kütt) #37

I’m inclined to agree that this is a great idea, but as far as the old ad system goes…

My systems are so tightly defended against third-party attack vectors that those external ad networks won’t work even when I specifically try to whitelist some domains such as blenderartists.org to allow them.

(DDB) #38

im disabling my addblock for blender artist right now, forgot it was on, sorry


I don’t like discrimination or elitism - it’s all or nothing!

Either way, am immune to ads, seeing them all my life, can even recognize them in human character, but for sure i hate bad design choices & broken compositions as is this latest obstructive peace of s***quare in upper left corner :face_vomiting: :poop:

FFS, can’t even report it?!? WTF :fuelpump::fire:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #40

Sorry, but I have a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say here.