'Friends of Blender Artists' Ads

(MadeWithFeet) #41

Well, I hate ads, they are often intrusive, completely distracting and irrelevant. But Free meals does not exist. So for blender and related website, ad blocker is off cause it is the only way I can contribute.

Now, for blenderartists specifically, the current ads at the top and the bottom are well integrated, they aren’t aggressive “in your face”. They do not feel out of place on the website. I’m not sure the content is very relevant to blender though, so the Friends of Ba ads might a better idea.

Having an ads network around the Blender ecosystem should be more efficient though I have no idea about the metric involved. As long as you stay clear from the trash ads practice, it should be fine.

I’ll precise what I mean for trash ads cause it can mean couple of things.
I meant practice that break the flow of your website. All the ads that break the way you use the site.
Pop up, auto-play, sound are all a big no-no, it’s annoying to be interrupted when you want to read/post something.

As long as they are used responsibly, why not?
I still wont like seeing ads, but I would like not seeing Ba around even more.

Necessary evil I guess ?


What’s not to understand?
That i’m against discrimination of any kind or that I don’t like badly designed integration which breaks composition?

Everyone has different preferences about adds.
But since it’s your site, simply seek sponsors and put their ads on special place.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #43

This is exactly what I’m doing :man_shrugging:


Then contact companies that would be interested in getting your “member/client list” to advertise to. Your site/stats are quite valuable.

(kabu) #45

The ad disappear if I magnify the screen…

(Ace Dragon) #46

Everything I’ve seen so far is either a Blender Market product or the work of a Blender user helping out financially. It’s not like you’re going to see Geico or Ford Motor ads in that spot, it’s relevant to this site and clicking it can actually lead to interesting content.


But i would love to, i love reality & i don’t pretend to be living in some sort of delusional utopian bubble.
Instead of collecting Google’s crumbs, this site offers exclusive marketing space with real exposure.
For instance i would love to see AutoDesk, Ford, Mercedes, X-Space, Kellog’s, Apple… and other giants showing what they have to offer, paying real money for being in the spotlight. Why not? It’s agencies you have to get on with. Nobody will come to you.

Really, what good comes from being an arrogant, pretentious, retarded snob?
But i take it’s fine, if some wanna keep being sick, stupid, poor and ugly believing they’re just being modest.

(iceythe) #48

Generally fine with this. But I’d rather see an option to flag what I consider inappropriate rather than turning on ad-block again. I can google images of spiders if I wanted to see them.

(ericthered) #49

I am totally fine with ads. like any sensible human I don’t like annoying ads. I do think that advertising can be a form of artistic expression. But truly well done ads that I admire for how well done they are are super rare. Most advertisements are irrelavent and are poor marketing. I think it a awesome idea to do a Blender only ad system. Seriously, we don’t need another lousy cluttered internet forum that pops up videos and tells about shocking new driving laws in your town (or where they think you are) or or what actors look like today.
I don’t mind your ad system, except not terrible fond of the scrolly ad that floats down the page with you. Its fine having a ad there, I just don’t like ads following me! lol!

(Paul) #50

I do not mind ads either, but these ones keep covering content, and are highly annoying.

Google Photos

(Bart Veldhuizen) #51

Hmm that’s weird, I did some fixes for that earlier this week. Which browser and is are you using?

(AFWS) #52

I get the same thing on my iPad using Safari.

(AFWS) #53

Plus they move when you scroll :roll_eyes:

(Paul) #54

Hey Bart, I have a small Samsung tablet, with a screen size of 1024x600. It uses android.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #55

Ok. I’m traveling tonight but will take a look tomorrow!

(FlyingBanana) #56

Yeah my desktop and laptop there is no issues with the ad placement. However with my tablet if in landscape orientation it partially covers images that users have posted. Now if I rotate into portrait the ad completely disappears. I don’t have any issues with ads but placement that accommodates tablets might be suggested.

(Renzatic) #57

Ditto. I didn’t even think BA had banner ads until I read this thread. It’s just not something you think about until it’s called to your attention.

I’ve now turned my blocker off.


I don’t particularly mind the ads, though they started covering content today, they didn’t seem to do that last time I was on. I’m using a laptop and my browser is Microsoft Edge, if it helps.
As for the content, I would like some way to hide them on an ad-by-ad basis, or refresh the ad so it displays a different one, if something pops up that I’d rather not see.

(BluePrintRandom) #59

perhaps a store? (for real goods?)

like with coffee cups and shirts etc?
(so when you order it someone makes stuff?)

also what about a store where people sell models and you make a commission?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #60

I’ll take a look at Edge today, thanks for reporting!

Hiding individual ads is not something my ad server supports. What kind of ads do you think should be hidden? Violent/sex, that kind of thing? Be assured that won’t turn up.

On demand stuff could be fun yes. I’ll think about that.

I think that’s a space that’s very hard to compete in. Also, you need a proper company to run something like that :slight_smile: