Frog Boxer

Hey guys, first image post here.

I’m working on this frog boxer character of mine.
I originally created him as an inktober sketch a few years back. But now I thought it’s time to bring him into 3D… in the end it would be nice to print him too.

His body is close to be done, what’s missing is his fly friend - it will be a ton of fun, and some idle animation for them - not so much of a fun (for me)
I’m open for any tips on rigging these disjointed body parts. Beside mid-arm, he’s basically a robot. But I don’t even know where to start.
Ideally his torso would act like an IK end, so I could animate him putting weight on the legs just by moving the torso around. But this is all in my head, I’m a complete beginner at rigging.

I know frogs can breathe outside of water but I still find the concept with the inverse diver’s helmet funny. Oh yes and they don’t have nipples either.
Now that we clarified these :smiley: , I’d love if you could give me ideas on how I could put water in it (you know like 80% filled so you see the top) which could react to the motion of the character.

turnaround video (1.5 MB)

and hey, here’s the sketch:

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