Frog - Chrono Trigger

I was playing Chrono Trigger the other day and became upset that the CT:Resurrection project got canned just as it was getting interesting. So I did this over the past couple of days to make myself feel better. No reference, just kind of sketching away and playing with Dyntopo which I regret not getting to play with more often. Detail flood fill and Symmetrize are godsends. Did some retopo after that, made gloves and boots, getting ready to do the rest of the clothes/armor/sword. Who knows if I’ll take it through to rigging and stuff, but it’s been a fun little exercise either way.

What kind of feedback would you like?

Whatever you want to offer!

Did a bit more work yesterday. Still have pants, accessories, and lots of sculpting to do as far as modeling goes.

Knocked the pants out.

cool thought.

Did some cape sculpting.

Looks great. Seems like the gloves could use a little wrinkling around the joints.

Haven’t started sculpting gloves or boots yet! That’s on the agenda today.

Jumped in my head as soon as i saw this thread. Sculpting looks excellent!

Ha, this has been playing in my head every time I’ve worked on this character. I’ve found myself whistling it more than once.