Frog Guy

I’ll probably change the name of the character sometime, but for now, this is the start of it.

This is Dynotopo right now, starting with different body parts with spheres, and then using the skin modifier for legs and arms. I then joined it with booleans and started the sculpting. Anyway, I haven’t posted anything really since my raptor thread, so I figured I’d start something now.

Next, keep sculpting forms in dyno, then move onto retopo, and then add more detail with multires sculpting.

cool, are you going to stick him in an environment, or just the character?

Probably an environment turntable with the frog animated on it. Thought I’d stop here with the dyno since it’s getting up there in polys. Now I’ll retopo and add the real definition, details and such.

Went ahead and retopo’d the guy with even distribution of polys for continual sculpting with multires. If I sculpt any major forms, then I’ll just add that later with retopo in certain areas. Anyway, if I don’t post as I go, I’ll stop working on it, so here’s the wire. Next up, I’m either gonna start sculpting or start adding accessories for him.

looking real nice. I would model in the knee a little more though to prevent possible shading artifacts.

Nice work!

Thanks to both of you. As for the knees, I’m actually going to sculpt those in, and then retopo that area, along with other areas. I like to sculpt them first, then go back and retopo. Its just my workflow. :slight_smile:

First pass with multires, just defining the leg muscles right now. Made some tape for the feet and legs too. Still deciding what accessories I want this thing to have. Anyways…

Watching this thread. Really good work!

love it! really beautifull design, topo and sculpt!

I appreciate the comments. Here’s a quick update. Not too much progress, still working forms and trying to figure out what accessories he’s going to have. I think his weapon will be a slingshot.

Just a little more work here and there.

nice update, are you going to texture paint him?

Thanks. Yes, he’ll be rigged and put into a scene. Not done yet, quite a bit to go.

Very nice, i like the last update, keep on going!

This is looking great! I like all the muscle detail!

Wow, really nice! I remember someone had a great muscle rig. I imagine that something like that would be fantastic, the possibilities for a buff frog are endless, can’t wait to see what you do with him!

I really appreciate the crits and comments.

@Walshlg – You live in Charleston, huh? I live across the state from you in Greenville.

So, I started sculpting a little more detail starting with the head. Here’s a quick screenshot. I plan to detail the mask/hat thing next I think…

How in hell did I miss this!

Looking great :slight_smile: Love the characteristics of this character :wink:

Man, you must have a great computer to bring that kind of details in your view-port in blender! Mine starts going numb at 250 k and goes into a screeching alt when over 500k :S

Keep on going, I’ll follow this one :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

wow, amazing! Like the style. And Jeannot, mine goes dumb after 10k hahah (laptop).