Frog in the rain

Just another test project.

I do not know why I find it little weird to see those drops so perfect and spherical, maybe it’s because we’re accustomed to seeing those rain drops with other shapes in drawings. I have no idea how raindrops looks in a photo taken with very faster shutter speed.

I really like the scene!

I like it. Maybe some motion blur on the drops so they don’t look like they’re floating.

Real raindrops don’t look anything like the way most people think they do.

Steve S

I’d found some still shots of rain and they were mostly spherical. Thanks!

I like this picture a lot! The leaves look a little bit flat, but maybe they really are like that. Nice work!

I like the raindrops. I think that they are fabulous the way that there.

I do agree with that one leaf. The one one the right appears to have less flatness…it’s got some shape to it. Maybe it’s just the perspective that’s throwing it off for me.

Either way…I don’t think I would change it. The image is fantastic the way that it is.

I found this. They are “almost” spherical (you can pause the video to see better):

Also keep in mind so that the drops look so sharp, one should use a good camera and a high shutter speed. You see the raindrops usually never look so sharp on a photo:

I think that’s the reason that I found it a little weird. But I repeat what I had said, I like the scene.