I am having an issue trying to figure out the best way to work my geometry and the tools to get the job job.

I have 12 polys here on this loop:

I am trying to drop that down to 8 for the leg I have already modeled but hidden. Can anyone help give me some ideas as well as the tools us would use to do what you are recommending. I am new to Blender so any help would be GREAT!

btw this is my first character made with Blender. I hope you like!

Yes, select three of the edge loops and delete them to eliminate 4 polys - just choose the ones that don’t meet other edges there. Select the first vert, then alt-rmb click to choose the whole string of verts - hit x, then choose ‘edge loop’ at the bottom of the pop up.

One loop is already selected in your pic, and then the one next to it on the left, and then the one over the top of the froggy butt.

I’ve posted this before in other threads…

From freen in your double post, who didn’t see this thread…

You might have to merge a few vertices in the last loop (e.g. make some of the faces triangular). Without seeing the leg it’s hard to suggest which ones.
I’ll place a message in the other one. Hate double threads.

Thanks Lancer!

my only question so far, is I don’t know how to best make the diagonal line in step 2 in blender.

My guess, the knife tool. But that is not working.

My next guess was to select the polygons and select make triangles with (Ctrl + T).

Is there another way?

Select the face on the left and press Ctrl-Shift-T to split it into triangles from the top left to the bottom right, then select the face on the right and press Ctrl-T to split is from the top right to the bottom left.

I just go into vertice select mode, shift-select RMB the two corners I want connected and hit “F” to join them. I like my way because you don’t have to learn any special knife tools that absolute beginners might hit a mental wall with, though DichotomyMatt’s method is cleaner because it creates separate faces whereas mine has an awkward edge over a face.

So I made the change but after looking at this thought to myself that there are too many points coming to a head all in 1 section. Aren’t those bad for animation as well? Take a look at what I have and let me know what you think. I count 6 polygons closing in the same spot.

Delete the edge just above the one selected in your screenshot. Then select the 4 edges that will make up the resulting “hole” and hit “f” to make a face.


I feel really stupid… I KNEW that honestly. Thats what I get when I do 3d when I am ready to fall asleep. Thanks for the help. I now hang my head in shame:)