From Adobe Premiere to Blender - ui problems

Hi, I’ve been using Adobe Premiere some time for video editing, but I decided to try some open source solution instead. Blender seems to do everything I need, but the problem is, that I find Blender very user unfriendly. I would like to ask you, if there is a way to change behavior of some features, so it can be more like other cutting software out there.

  1. When I want to delete strip, I am always asked if I am sure. Is it possible to turn this dialog of?

  2. I would love to border select with left mouse button. But when I change input in sequencer for border select to tweak select any, I can’t move strips. Is there way to have both possibilities? Just like in adobe premiere, windows explorer or any other software?

  3. When I move strips, they stick to my mouse. Is there a way to prevent this?

  4. When I put clip into sequencer, sound and video doesn’t stick together, is there a way to make them stick together?

  5. There is this movie clip editor, which I think is something like Adobe After Effects. Is there a way to open clip from sequencer in movie clip editor, so that any change that I will do in editor, will affect that video in sequencer? Or do I have to make changes in sequencer, render it and then import it in sequencer?

  6. Is there a better way to make transition? I don’t like adding another strip (gamma cross) I would like something more Premiere or Vegas like, Isn’t there plugin for this or something?

I honestly think that Blender interface is better that the one from Premiere, it feels more professional and adjustable, but these things are preventing me from using it effectively.

I’d suggest using a dedicated video editor.
Those are, as you have noticed, more user friendly and come with built-in effects etc.

The thing is: Blender has an inbuilt sequencer, not a fully-fledged video editor.
It lacks audio editing and premade transitions/effects, subtitles and text editing tools. Its strength on the other hand is the integration with Blender’s other features, like e. g. compositing, camera tracking and 3D work, but if you have no need for those, any other video editor will serve your needs better.