From Blender to GoogleEarth with textures

Exporting from blender to googleearth is pretty simple.

  1. export collada 1.4 (export using triangles)
  2. rename building.kmz to
  3. open it and replace the building.dae file in the models folder with your new file.
  4. done

For geometry, it works like a charm. But I can’t seem to get it to work with textures. I have to think it’s doing some sort of texture exporting, as none of my objects have materials, but they have the right color.

For instance, the brown wooden table has nothing but a UV wood texture on it. Viewed in googleearth, it’s just plain brown. It’s the same with all the objects in the scene.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I would view the dae in an XML friendly editor and compare the image paths with a working KML. I’m guessing they just need to be relative.

Indeed. I packed the textures in the kmz file and had the dae reference them relatively. Works great. Google Earth still has a habbit of massively downsampling the textures so that every face pretty much has a color average rather than an actual texture. Also, a number of faces turned semi-transparent for some reason. Anyway, it works well enough for a far away view.