From Blender to X-Plane ?


I just switch to Mac world and I want to go ahead with my old MSFS projects.
Now I am using Blender v2.48 under Mac OSX 10.5.5.
I am designing aircrafts for X-Plane v9.22.
To be honest I do not know how to jump from Blender to X-Plane.
How to proceed to export Blender model+animation+texture as an aircraft flyable under X-Plane ?
Is there any Plugin ? Or do I need to perform several operations before to fly them ?
Thanks for your kond support.
I do apology if I am not in the correct Folder…

Hello Designair, I’ve started just yesterday to learn Blender for drawing my MiG-29 engine nacelles. I’ve bought X-Plane last week but since now I’ve spent more time in learning to draw a plane than flying one.

To be able to export Blender objects in X-Plane format you have to install XPlane2Blender. I’ve simply downloaded and unpacked them on a temp folder on my Mac and launched the installation script from a Terminal window (you don’t need to do it with administrator privileges, it creates a folder in your home dir).

Once you install this tool, in the Blender’s File -> Export menu you’ll find the X-Plane formats.


Hello Designair, you need to install XPlane2Blender tool, next in the File -> Export Blender’s menu you’ll find the X-Plane formats options.



Thanks, I did it and it works.
Is it necessary to install PYTHONv2.5 ?
I am using an iMAC 24" Intel with MAC OSX 10.5.5.


I don’t know, I’ve started yesterday with Blender… I think I haven’t installed it.
I’m using an iMac 20" with OSX 10.5.6.

Today I found (on forum) the link to a tutorial to modeling planes starting from 2D plans, you can find it at


It should come bundled with blender, but yes It sort of is, as python is a scripting language that blender uses to perform very complex operations.

You can not use a model created in a 3D program as a flight model in X-Plane. You must create the flight model in Planemaker. Once this is done you can set the Planemaker model to be invisible and overlay a visual only model created in Blender.