From level 2 to infinity - Beginners overview

Hi all together :slight_smile:

I know the forum is crowded with similar threads but I couldn’t find something that fits my needs. I used blender a year our two ago and was just slightly above noob-level. Now that I can really use blender from now on,I want to get a hang of it.

What I’m missing in this forum or blender overall is an overview. As I started learning PS I just followed tutorials and knew how to use what tool through testing or the tutorials. But blender is a bit different. The whole program seems to be much more complex.

I’d like to have an overview.
First a simple overview to start with. What is what mode for? What are the most important things while modelling/texturing/rendering/other steps? The simple basics.
Secondly a solid overview with an explanation for everything. There are so many things to enable, apply, adjust or whatsoever but for most of these options I have to take a good guess since I’m not familiar with all the special terms.

I hope someone can help me with this issue since I’d like to write a guide with this questions in mind. Once I got the answers and the knowledge to share^^

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Hi DeadManDancing,

For your research I’d suggest you head on over to blender cookie, or Blender Guru. A lot of this stuff is alread covered there - if you want contributors to make a thorough doc, then I’m interested to help if I can - but I’d prefer specific questions to answer as at the moment it’s like saying how long is a piece of string without a focus. :wink:

Blender Fundamentals series

here are some PDF you can also have for intro to blender

Thanks for your answers. I know this must be really annoying and/or repetitive. I’ll check this links and your tips once I’m home.

@Jay: I gladly contact you for this little project :wink:

EDIT: Well okay, I watched your links and googled them in Jay’s case and they r really helpful :slight_smile: - For now I’m done with my questions and I maybe make a short thread for people who have the same problems like me :slight_smile: