from one mesh to another

I have 2 meshes (the base are the same, but only moved vertices). and I need to make an animation with it (one mesh will change to another). I know how to make it by RVK, but this need to remodel again. I want to use 2 existed meshes. Is it possible?

I assume when you say “(the base are the same, but only moved vertices)” that that means that both meshes have the same number of faces/verts etc., if so then yes .

Just select the mesh you want to be the shapekeyed/animatable one and add a basis shapekey . Then shift select the second mesh and tab into Edit Mode for the second mesh and then from the 3D header -> Mesh -> Scripts -> Deformed mesh to RVK (used to be called RVK1 to RVK2 in earlier versions) and follow the prompts (there are options to specify vertex groups among other things) . When done your first mesh will have the second mesh as a shapekey .