From Solid to wireframe/grid


i want to change solid parts into a grid strukture. One way i found is this one:Wireframe
But i wanted to ask if you know some other ways to get interesting/abstract grids. For example like this one: Rabbit and Vase

Are there any add ons or additional methods for blender?


“Wireframe” is now called “Skin Modifier”.

To obtain something like the vase, you can work with the Cell Fracture which will produce a Voronoi grid of edges. After a bit… a lot of work, you can do something like that:

(I was “in the zone” so just don’t ask me how long it takes to do such a thing.) :wink:

For this example, I used the Cell Fracture, I kept only the outside faces that I inset one by one. I deleted the faces to get only the “frame”. A Solidify modifier and a Subsurf modifier… That’s it. :wink:

Ah, thx. That helped me a lot!

Khm…If i may… Actually there is a Wire Frame too in Edit mode - look on Space menu. It gives a bit different result rather Skin does.

I knew the wire frame edit already, as i mentioned above. But i want to have more options. And i’m still searching. Is something like this possible with blender? Or is an extra program necessary?

Are you trying to make and print that? If you are trying to reproduce that pattern the methods given here are not likely to be the most productive.
A much more likely method would b to make a very high density object and uv wrap a pattern onto it as a displacement modifier. Then apply it and remove the innermost parts.

Shrinkwrap might also be the way it was made. Or just someone very patiently working away, modeling and snapping onto a vase shaped solid. That’s probably what I would do!

Thats exacltly what im trying to do. The displacement modifier method sounds really interessting. Thx.

Another easy way is to make only a part of the pattern and to use a few modifiers: 1 or 2 arrays, Bend (Simple Deform) to wrap around a cylinder, Lattice to give its shape to the vase, Solidify for the thickness… and SubSurf for the smoothness.

Even with an ugly pattern, the result is quite nice, IMHO.

Look closely and you’ll even see the traces of the 3D printing process. :wink:

I think it looks nice! But im also searching for a method that can be applyed to any existing shape. Maybe a cloth and so on.

I playd around with displacement modifier. Attached a voronoi pattern and selected the inner vertices with the circle select tool. Then i deleted them. Next a solidify mod and then another subdivide mod. But this way i get these ugly edges, resulting of the vertex resolution…

I kept on trying and build this one completely without manual work at the mesh:

The steps were the following:

  • modelling vase from a sphere
  • applying texture voronoi
  • add a vertex weight edit modifier with vertex group
  • add a mask modifier with this vertex group (now the holes are in the surface)
  • applying all modifiers
  • solidify modifier
  • smooth modiefier
  • subdivide modifier

But still the mesh is quite ugly, as you can see. Has someone an idea for a better mesh result. Or a method to correct this?
If someone is interested i could make a detailed step by step video.