from the Dragn's Cave

Here’s a bit of the ‘other’ me…

(the eagle one is the only surviving pic of my oil painting days)
(‘Son of the Suns’ is my first ever digital pic)
(‘Elegant Swans’ is the 3rd pic I ever did digitally)


nice paintings. what software do you use to paint?

Thank you Modron. Those first 2 was with MS Paint, had to get down to pixel by pixel drawing back then.
So you all understand where I’m coming from, first time I ever used a computer, for Anything, was 2005.

Just wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and …

Seriously, that painting “Elegant Swans” is very good, especially after knowing it was painted in MS Paint. A good artist doesn’t need advanced and costly programs to produce good art.
Of course I recommend you ditch MS paint asap though. There are lots of free programs for painting that are very easy to use. MyPaint is one of the favorites of digital 2D artists.