From the highchair - first Blender animations

Hi guys,

First post!

I’m a long time Maya user (nearly 10 years) and have been learning Blender for the past 6 months or so. I’ve been using Maya professionally, but having to cough up another $6k to get the latest version has broken my love affair with the program.

I remember trying Blender about 7 years ago in Uni. The interface was such a mess I struggled to create and navigate around a cube. My how times have changed!

So far I’ve found no real limitations using Blender and I’ve been able to produce the same quality work as I could in Maya. When you consider the $6,000 saving, this has made me very, very happy :smiley:

Anyway, enough about my backstory. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel with the two Blender animations I’ve made thus far.

One last bit of backstory - the ‘Stop that!’ animation was a challenge my friend and I did. We found free Blender rigs for each other, then had 24 hours to try and produce as much animation as possible (the aim was 10 minutes).
The ‘Introducing Pikachu’ animation is one I’ve worked on for several weeks.