From the Mist (first speed painting)

Hello all, I posted this in my sketchbook thread but no-one commented or they just didn’t look at it… I made this in about 45 -60 minutes in MYPaint. It is a soldier and his horse walking from the mist (after a battle or something, I don’t know.). Sorry that I made the shadows of the grass a little too intense.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please C&C.


I use mypaint too and for 60 min hmm … i think you can ramp it up a little more. You painted this then you can paint better!

The talent it is there and it is evolving.

Try to start with basic forms and shade them to learn about light and shadow or even make your own style.

In art original it is greater that the mighty copy! Why ? Cause everybody can copy a foto or some real world …but the real artists make new things and that it is creativity.

References = good for training

Sorry, I am not sure what you are saying? Are you saying I should use references and sometimes copy ideas or saying the opposite? Oh, and I am only 13 so I am not that great compared to older artists. I try to practice a little every day but I am not usually very happy with results.

I look at David Revoy and I really like his style and colors, I study his art and I feel inspired after looking and studying him. His opensource workflow is also amazing. I have watched the video tutorial that he made about Sintel concept alot, just to study his workflow and techniques.

well, I find the picture really intresting since you somehow have made it loom like it was drawn with watercolors, at least that’s what I thought when I first saw it. And to get the feeling of a handdrawn picture with a computer is really hard to do. I think that gives it a nice warm touch and I also think you’ve done the picture overall quite well.

Good job! keep it up!

Cause you are 13 y.o. there you must have a little rule to folow : start base parts and and learn them to construct the big picture.

What that means it is : see the picture, drop it to forms = bigge forms to small forms , and in the final comes light and detail.

I know you think : I want to draw like that!

Don`t put it hard on you!

Before you start from references you must learn some fundamentals and that are in some books.

Observe the forms that are same even the styles are different , that are the fundamentals and they are the base for every artists.

From cartoons to final masterpiece.

Thanks Namural7, I get it now, and that is a good idea to think of it in sections and pieces as you make it.

@John_9998: I was going for that watercolor look,so thanks for thinking I did good with that. :slight_smile: Also, if your wondering how to do it, I just started with black outlines in an ink brush then painted over it and changed the opacity of the brush to get in the color blending.