Front Entrance

Hi all yet again!

Started modeling a house few nights ago, once again for no real reason. I wanted to keep things simple because, well for one, my design skills blow. And two, if i get too carried away with modeling i rarely finish all the way through to materials and texturing etc.
For the below images i admit that before i started i wanted photorealism but halfway through i remembered why i switched to Yafaray for arch-viz stuff months ago. I can’t get realistic renders out of BI for shit but thats becasue i suk. So i’ll say i was going for a more stylised look then photorealism at least thats a good excuse!

All in all, not very happy with these but if you have any opinions/crits/advice im all ears.

Crazybump for normal, displace and specular maps. Photoshop. BI.

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Looks really nice.
Expecially the third image.

The fire looks weird on the candles.

@FreeMind yes it is BI read the post.

@Floorplay Looks pretty sweet to me, funny it would look photoreal if the colors were right, the desaturated B/W image looks the best. For a photoreal render I suggest Canon EOS.

Thanks guys.

The flames do look weird and i’ll look into the Canon EOS Adam, thanks for the tip. Photography is something i really want to get into as well. All in good time. Is there anything specific i could do in PS or Gimp to correct the colors in these renders?


not expert here to help on the light issues, but i think there’s a lamp missing on the wall by the door…

Thanks for pointing that out. I can remember it being there at one stage must of accidently deleted it!