front page design

(rixtr66) #1

a new design for my web page,done with blender,and gimp
instead of blender it will have the site name.
tell me what you think,throw some ideas at me.



(CKnapp) #2

The “blender” text is a little too dark, at a first glance you can’t read it. Good text should catch the eye without having to focus on it. The 2.23 isn’t even legible at all. Since it’s all floating in space, I’d just change the color of the text or change the lighting.

It looks like the lens flare is the Gimp function, which I’d eliminate. It just doesn’t look very good since the light source for it should be behind the planet, but is instead coming off of the lettering itself. I would rather see some good halo rendering instead of a cheesy looking flare.

(S68) #3

I found your Lightflow logo more appealing.

There is something weird on the specularities of the letters, and it is overall very dark…

I like the flare though,