Front View

Is there any way to keep front view throughout the game? Like just have a flat front view of the area.

So like a front view that follows the player around, but doesn’t rotate when the player rotates?

If so, you can do something like:

camera.worldPosition.x = player.worldPosition.x - someArbitraryDistance
camera.worldPosition.y = player.worldPosition.y

and have the camera update its worldPosition every logic tic (always sensor with true triggering enabled and 0 delay) where “someArbitraryDistance” is the distance back you want to go from the player.

It’s kinda like looking down on the characters head or something and getting a flat, 2d looking front view of the world.

Did you mean front view or top view? Are you talking about a 3rd person perspective, where the camera is angled down at the player, or a bird’s eye view? Can you post a screenshot to illustrate?

If you want a kind of flat representation of the world, change your camera to be “orthographic”.

It was orthographic. Thanks I’m just a noob

Oh ok. In that case the code I posted should work, except depending on the angle of the camera you will have to change x, y, or z coordinates. For Mario Bros., you probably want the camera position to follow the z and x axis, if the x axis represents the axis of the platform.

If you are looking for a solution where it works for all angles, you can have the player parented to an empty, and have the camera just parented to the empty at the desired angle while the player does all the physics, rotation, etc.

EDIT: The location of the empty should just equal the location of the player - not be object parented.

EDIT 2: Hey, and don’t worry about asking questions, I’ve looked at many times for my newbie questions, and learned this community is where I get a lot of help from.